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(Beijing, China)

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Dentalle’s cutting edge dental lab was newly constructed in 2005, featuring top of the line equipment from the US, Italy, Germany, and Japan.  The facility is climate controlled allowing for products to maintain a superior quality, even during the hottest and coldest months of the year.  Dentalle’s dental laboratory is located 1 kilometer west of Beijing’s international airport in the Tian Zhu Export Industrial Zone.  The industrial zone is self sufficient with its own planning bureau, labor bureau, police force, bank, and customs office allowing Dentalle to operate during holiday times, when many other facilities in China are shut down. This keeps the dental laboratory working for you while others are taking time off.

There are over 200 employees staffed within the dental laboratory.  All of the technicians have completed training programs at local technical schools in addition to Dentalle’s internship program prior to being hired full time.  The production staff is overseen by an experienced management team, including US Certified Dental Technicians who relocated to China to help run the facility .  The employees at Dentalle are loyal to the company and in turn Dentalle is loyal to them.  Each employee is given room and board and is eligible for growth through continued education opportunities and competitive incentive programs established by the company.