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Dentalle provides our clients with premium quality dental restorations at competitive rates.  Besides improving your bottom line, Dentalle is capable of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation through these tools:

Our System

Dentalle’s online system keeps your organized. A database is created when orders are placed and the system keeps a permanent record of all prescriptions ever sent to our lab.  You can login and access all of this information 24 hours a day.  And that’s just the beginning!  Check out some of the system’s other features here.

Our Staff

The entire Dentalle team consists of over 250 individuals world-wide. Within our lab facility, we have a dedicated group of highly experienced technicians.  The staff in China is highly respected and is provided with room and board, continuing education opportunities, and excellent working conditions.  The management team within the production facility has over 120 years of combined experience in the industry!  In the US, our staff is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and continued growth.  Dentalle believes in conducting business in an honest and fair manner and provides each customer with first-class service.  We value our clients and promise to do our best to make each business relationship a successful one.  Meet the US team here!

Significant Savings

Dentalle is able to provide high quality dental restorations at low prices. Not only are our products competitively priced, but we give incentives to save even more! Our fee schedule is set up so as your volume increases, the prices decrease. For a detailed price list, contact Dentalle and see just how much money you can make by partnering with Dentalle!