Outsourcing Made Easy

Many smaller dental labs consider the benefits of using offshore dental labs to outsource existing work orders, but understandably, have their concerns. After all, smaller labs still have a commitment to provide their customers with quality dental products. The main objective for any small dental lab when searching for an offshore dental lab is to find a company that can provide dental products of equal or better quality, in a larger volume, and at a more cost effective price. Factor in considerations such as ease of communication and understanding when organizing orders; any smaller dental lab is well on their way to using offshore dental labs to ease the strain on their business while increasing profits. Most dental labs will agree this is an ideal situation, but many find it nearly impossible to find offshore dental labs they can trust, let alone establishing a relationship and doing enough due diligence to entrust product orders with the offshore dental lab. There is, however, a solution for small dental labs looking to outsource work to offshore dental labs.

Dentalle is a large offshore dental lab located in China, with operations and customer service specialists located in the U.S. to facilitate the ordering process. For many dental lab owners, this extra support is a huge relief. Through Dentalle, small dental lab owners can enjoy the pricing and volume of outsourced dental production, while knowing the quality and craftsmanship required for modern dental standards in the U.S. is being maintained.

Some of the main benefits of using the Dentalle offshore dental lab include:

  • Easy order tracking done electronically, including orders done electronically as well
  • US based customer service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Unrivaled outsourced dental product quality, which includes using on the finest materials used in modern dental products
  • Highly trained lab technicians addressing any adjustments, changes, or modification needing done on site
  • Dental products in volume and at a fraction of the price it takes to produce in smaller, domestic labs
  • Established and long-term source of dental product outsourcing inventory for your dental lab in the United States

In reality, the ease of working with Dentalle’s domestically based representatives, while having their associates in China handle production is truly the most remarkable benefit. Even small scale dental labs can benefit from this arrangement and expand their clientele immensely knowing that cheap, high volume, high quality dental products producer can cater to any of their dental product needs, such as dental products; including partial dentures, crowns & bridges and more. If you are considering dental lab outsourcing contact Dentalle today.